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Western Dance

We provide all type of choreography like marriages, functions, auditions etc. Get your own music or allow us to choose one to suit your needs.

Indian Classical Dances (kathak)

Indian classical dances are performed inside the sanctum of the temple according to the rituals called Agama Nartanam.


Hindustani Classical or Indian Classical or Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet is one of the oldest form of music. The roots start from Vedic rituals, chants and Mantras.


Initial forms of Guitar is assumed to be first used in Europe around 12th Century. It is one of the most popular musical instruments, primarily originated in western music world.

Dance is an art. Floor is my canvas and I am the brush and whatever I create is from heart.

Our Blog

Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include “belly-dancing”, “kathak”, Indian folk, Western popular, and “modern”, “jazz”, and even Western erotic dancing. we will look at Bollywood dance and place it within the commercial and artistic framework of the South Asian film world. We at “Tarang global school of arts” provide special ladies “Bollywood dance classes”.

Here is Dr.Vini jain who is learning dance from last 4 months, she encouraged us to do even more as being a doctor if she can do dis why not you. Come and join us

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1 Plus 1... Subscription yourself 1 quarter for any one course that we offer currently and get 1 month addition from us as a gift.

Our Reviews

Sonia Gupta

Thank you for all the efforts and hard work you put in to train our kids. Its been an year since my daughter “Asmi” is learning dance from your academy. She has keen interest in dancing but lacked confidence when she started but now she is confident enough to perform on stage.

Aniruddha Shukla

I am trying to learn Tabala at Tarang Global School of Arts and I am finding the experience a very interesting one. The faculty is at their best and try to impart the knowledge with their full efforts. Wishing the Global School a bright future.


Parul Trivedi

Tarang global is an excellent institute to nurture kids passion in the field of dance and music. The dedicated teachers and staff have always been very supportive and helpful. They have been providing my daughter sufficient opportunities to perform on stage too.

Sheetal Basrao

Its just been an experience of a month. So far the best experience has been in terms of flexibility and cooperation from the management. Teacher is very cooperative. Look forward to a long lasting relationship with the team. The only suggestion would be to have a small piece of written manual with notations.


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