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Shivani Lamba

Experience Administration: 6

Corporate Experience: 9

Education: Post Graduate in Human Resource Management and Finance

Centre : Delhi

What do they Say…

”Working for music industry is a delight for me. I have been associated with music institutes from past 4 years. Some one asked me one day that what do I learn here. This question prompted me to think and I realized that I get to interact with little India from my desk. People from all walks of life, learners from all age groups, right from 3 years to 70 years, all with only one common desire i.e. to pursue their passion. And that’s what I learn that there is nothing bigger then following your heart and finding that little child within you.”

Who they are…

Shivani is currently involved in the managing of Tarang Global School of Performing Arts. She is subject matter expert in counselling students of  Music Production, Sound Engineering and seekers of sound recording facilities.

She is always seen counselling music aspirants, following up with parents about the progress of their wards in respective subjects. She loves serving as a linking pin between higher management and  faculty members  and associates.

She completed her masters in Human Resource and Finance Domain. She has more than 8 years of experience in varied industry types ranging from Global Wealth Investment  Management, HR – Recruitment as Talent Acquisition expert. Her inclination towards music brought her close to Tarang  Global.


Archana Sharma

Genre : Contemporary

Experience Administration : 6

Experience Dancing : 6

Education: Post Graduate in Computer Administration

Dance Forms :  Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Bollywood style

Centre : Delhi

What do they Say…

”I love being part of music fraternity. Dancing has always been my passion, what else I could have go better than a vocation in a music school. Being part of a Tarang Global has given me an opportunity to truly take my passion to perfection. Being surrounded with music and little angels whole day is a bliss.”

Who they are…

Archana has been with Tarang Global since start. She is one of the founder members of Tarang family. Archana is responsible for Administration and Accounts department of administration of  Tarang Global, Dwarka Branch.  She is a keen observer and has responsible attitude towards her accountabilities.

Archana is post graduate with MCA degree. Has more than 6 years of experience  including  counseling to new students,  preparing batch sheets and always been appreciated for multitasking in the organization. She plays  key role in the institute.