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Electronic KeyBoard or a Digital Synthesizer is a most widely used instrument in any musical even, gathering or sound production. People say that Indian harmonium is the basic guiding behind the advent of modern Digital Synthesizers. The initial experiments were made with general-purpose computers, as part of academic research into sound generation. In 1975, the Japanese company Yamaha licensed the algorithms for frequency modulation synthesis (FM synthesis) from John Chowning, who had experimented with it at Stanford University since 1971.

Early commercial digital synthesizers used simple hard-wired digital circuitry to implement techniques such as additive synthesis and FM synthesis. Other techniques, such as wavetable synthesis and physical modeling, only became possible with the advent of high-speed microprocessor and digital signal processing technology.

At Tarang Global we teach playing on Digital synthesizers not only to make students expert in managing tones to produce various melodies but also to synchronise them with rhythmic backdrop to be experts in playing and producing any kind of music be it Western Jazz, Pop or Indian classical and Bollywood.

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