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Vishal Thapa

Genre: Indian Classical

Experience Teaching: 15

Field of Expertise: Music producer / Sound Engineer / Audio Recording Instructor

Centre : Delhi

What do they Say…

"I’ve been obsessed with music since I was a child, and there’s nothing more gratifying than teaching others with the same obsession… I see my younger self in my students everyday”

Who they are…

Sound Engineer and Music Production mentor among others, Vishal Thapa brings a lifelong love of music and a wealth of experience to his role at Tarang Global school of Arts and performance. From an early age, Vishal started playing around with whatever microphones, tape recorders and musical gadgets he could find. By the time he was in high school, he was playing guitar and making trips to studios to have his band recorded. There, he realized this interest and passion for Audio production.

A native of Shillong, Meghalaya, Vishal moved to New Delhi in 2010 and was soon free-lance as a Musician in and around Delhi. He completed his Recording and Music Production program in 2014 from Sri Aurobindo Center of Arts and Communication (New Delhi) with top honors and honed his skills and gained knowledge. Vishal’s freelance recordings were pushed to the next level and eventually, he was able to recognize his true calling.

Vishal’s many years working as a Guitarist in both touring and studio settings, sparked his interest in audio. His experience as a musician has given him invaluable insight into the perspective of how artists experience audio production environments. As an audio engineer, Vishal has worked as a live sound engineer where he's mixed live bands, worked with public speakers and recorded the services.


Besides his instructor duties at TGSAP, Vishal spends his time working on independent projects. He shares his insight into that world teaching audio postproduction and continues to write, play, record and mix music.

Vijay Pal

Genre : Indian Classival, Contemporary

Experience Teaching : 14

Experience Playing : 20

Instruments : Digital Keyboard, Grand Piano, Harmonium

Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

”Once my parents told me that if you want to learn music then you have to put in tireless days and nights such that you leave no stone unturned to to bring music on your finger tips. Today I can proudly say that I have music not only on my fingertips but in each cell of my body. I am music and music is me, we both complement each other in my little fulfilled and fun filled  world.”

Who they are…

Vijay Pal is a passionate music lover and a guru. He is an excellent vocalist along with a brilliant keyboard player. He has magical fingers with music flowing from each finger. If there is one who has music on his fingertips then he is the one with those charismatic fingers.

Vijay completed his Graduation from Delhi University. He is a trained piano artist with Grades in western music from Rock and  Pop School of London in Keyboard and Indian Classical from Prayag Sangeet Samity. He started his career as a trainer in 2003. He is a disciple of Shri Rajesh Negi ji.

Proud and avid keyboard player also involved in Music Composition and Music Recording. Known figure in music industry, hugely involved in stage shows.


Shalu Srivastava

Genre : Indian Classical

Experience Teaching : 16

Experience Playing : 20

Dance Forms : Kathak

Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

” I have been blessed to get connected to Kathak at very early stage of my life, in fact when I was just six years old. Ever since then my world revolves around Kathak, Ghunghroo, Tabla and Sarangi. For me Kathak is the auspicious gift of almighty. My soul if completely drenched in this true sense of rhythm. I will cease to exist the day I cease tapping my foot on taal of tabla.”

Who they are…

With a musical background from family she started to learn Kathak at the age of six. Her first Guru was  Dr.  Rashmi Rathore, a senior disciple of her father Pt. Surendra Prasad Rathore of Lucknow Gharana. Later she obtained this art from Ustaad Sarju Mohan s/o Ustaad Mohandas-ji along with Miss Anjali Baijal who put the foundation of Jaipur Gharana (Kathak) in Bhopal (M.P.) with the great devotion and sincerity. She completed her Master degree M.A. (Praveen) in Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad under the guidance of Shri Saumya Pandit s/o Shri Manoj Pandit of Lucknow Gharana. Now she is obtaining the skills of art from Pandit Rammohan Maharaj who is the direct descendent of Ishwari Prasad Ji. He is the son of Late Padmasree Pt.Sambhu Maharaj.- seventh generation of Lucknow Gharana.

She has more than 16 years of  Teaching experience. She recently performed in U.S.A (Virginia) on the occasion of “Ganesh Mohatsav”. Apart from that she has been on panel of several schools and talent hunt programs as a judge.


Jung Bahadur Gurung

Genre : Contemporary

Experience Teaching : 15

Experience Playing : 17

Instruments : Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

”Music is in my blood and Guitar is my soul. I have been playing on guitar since my childhood. Each time I click a string it resonates with my soul and an eternal bliss embraces me with divinity. Rhythm and tone of music is what gives me life. I see my myself complete when I am with my students. Seems I found purpose of my life”

Who they are…

Sange is Engineer by education and a renowned guitarist by profession and passion. He is associated with Tarang Global as a  Guitar Teacher  since 2014. Professionally qualified Guitarist from Rock School. He is well equipped  technically with all grades to impart  knowledge to his students. He is a keen learners of this instrument from core of his heart, mind and soul. 

Sange is a complete package in itself. He is a wester vocalist, a composer, a guitarist, and a trained sound engineer with several music videos composed, sung and directed with his wide association in music fraternity.

He also works as Music Teacher in Bal Bharti School, Dwarka Branch.  Takes part in live concerts every now and then. He is a key member of a Musicians Band - Metallica.

Vikas Kashyap

Experience Teaching : 8

Experience Dancing : 12

Dance Form : Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Bollywood style.

Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

”Dancing is not only my profession, it is my way to worship the lord, my ritual, my food, my breath and my soul. I cannot think myself not dancing any day. My aim is to create a spiritual experience out of my work and share the the technique with my students to create the same eternal bliss which brings in magical transformation in people’s life through dance”

Who they are…

Vikas Kashyap is one of the founding members of Tarang Global family. He has been working with us from past 6 years. He has more than 8 years of teaching experience in all Western Dance Forms. His experience involves teaching in Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz.

He is a disciple of  Mr. Tarun Karanwal, Rishi Sufi, Rupesh Soni, Sahil Aneja. He has trained almost about more than 1000 students till date. Vikas and his group is regular invitees in several stage shows organized by Radisson Blue hotels etc…

Qualified from Delhi Dancing Academy.  Involved in stage shows with Shrimati Sarooj Khan Ji , Ganesh Acharya Ji. Well renowned figure in the Dance industry.

Amrit Kaur

Genre : Indian Classical, Light Music, Contemporary

Experience Teaching : 5

Experience Singing : 10

Instruments : Harmonium, Tanpura, Digital KeyBoard

Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

“For me music is Kirtan, Music is Prasad, and music is divine light itself. I feel blessed to be introduced to music by way of Gurubani. My connection with music is not just at the level of my being but is somewhere deeper in my soul that often takes me to the seventh heaven and makes me feel like a super being.”

Who they are…

Amrit Kaur is a gifted child prodigy who started singing quite early in her life. Her learning started with reciting Shabad Kirtan in  Gurudwara. Later she completed her formal education in field of music completing Prabhakar from Prayag  Sangeet Samiti Allahabad. She further completed her Post Graduation from Punjabi University Patiala in Vocal.

She is now associated with Tarang Global School of Performing Arts since 2015. Amrit is gifted with a magical voice which  presents ger as a Magnetic Vocalist. She has more than 5 years of teaching experience. Apart from being part of Tarang Family she is also Head Of Department for performing Arts in MDH Public School.

She has been Participating in many Solo and Group Vocal Competitions and brought laurels to her name. She has been invited a judge to several talent hunt selection committees. She renowned Indian Classical Vocalist.