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Hindustani Classical or Indian Classical or Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet is one of the oldest form of music. The roots start from Vedic rituals, chants and Mantras. Om is considered to be one of the basic complete musical note and is used widely in almost all vedic Mantras. Indian Classical Music is mostly popular in North of India, in Southern India another sub-genre of Hindustani Classical is more popular and is called Carnatic Music.

Music was first formalized in India in connection with preserving the sruti texts, primarily the four vedas, which are seen as apaurasheya (meaning “not created by man but created by God”). Not only was the text important, but also the manner in which they had been enunciated by the immortals.

We at Tarang Global teach Indian Classical Music performed in Northern Part of India. Our Trainer Ms. Amrit Kaur is Masters in Music from Delhi University and A Sangeet Visharad from Pryag Sangeet Samiti. She is teaching Indian Classical music from past 10 years and has a commendable following Shishyas. She is Nightingale of Tarang Global.

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